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Private Wealth Management APAC Summit 2011

EDHEC Risk Institute Asia: Is Diversification a Good Strategy for Controlling Losses?


Stoyan Stoyanov, a speaker at the marcus evans Private Wealth Management APAC Summit 2011, shares his views on risk management practices and strategies for successful investing.

Interview with: Stoyan Stoyanov, Head of Research, EDHEC Risk Institute-Asia and Professor of Finance, EDHEC Business School


The global financial crisis not only shifted the attention of investors to risk management practices but also revealed the shortcomings of techniques that were supposedly designed to manage downside risks.

A speaker at the marcus evans Private Wealth Managament APAC Summit 2011, taking place in Macao, China, 31 October – 2 November, Stoyanov explains that diversification matters but comes with limitations as well. Although this method allows investors to get the best risk/return trade-off in typical market conditions, it is incapable of dealing with loss control and therefore, helpless in sharp market downturns.

How did existing theories for risk management perform during and after the financial crisis?

Stoyan Stoyanov: Diversification has become a very popular risk management technique and the pillar of many investment philosophies, so much so that it is often considered, erroneously, synonymous with risk management.

After the global financial crisis this idea has lost value. Diversification is incapable of dealing with loss control in adverse economic conditions. The reason is that the correlation of assets tends to spike in market crashes, making diversification inefficient. However, complaints that diversification failed because it did not protect investors from big losses during the financial crisis are to some extent misleading. Diversification was not designed to provide downside protection in market crashes. It is actually designed to extract risk premia or to improve risk adjusted returns.

What techniques are useful for implementing loss control? 

Stoyan Stoyanov: The key is to go beyond diversification and identify techniques that can complement it and offset its shortcomings. Hedging and insurance strategies can be used for that purpose. However, it is crucial to understand that these techniques should be combined in a unified approach along with diversification to provide downside risk control without limiting the upside potential of the portfolio. Since loss control is dynamic in nature, it is necessary to rely on a dynamic portfolio construction technique rather than using static frameworks.

What strategies would you recommend to long term investors?

Stoyan Stoyanov: If those are high net worth individuals with specific consumption objectives, I would recommend strategies based on the asset liability management framework. Using this structure, we can construct a portfolio on the basis of different building blocks that have specific functions: the first one dedicated to generate performance, the second one created for income hedging and the last one designed to hedge retirement spending.

The asset liability management framework is well suited to meet short-term constraints and also to help investors to achieve their long-term objectives.

What are the main challenges facing private wealth managers in the APAC region?

Stoyan Stoyanov: The main challenge for private wealth managers is to incorporate or take advantage of better techniques that allow them to customise the solutions offered to their clients. Currently, industry practices are based on bucketing, with clients divided into different groups depending on their current assets.

However, this does not take into account their consumption objectives and commitment to future payments. 

It is fundamental to realise that bucketing people by current assets is just as important as dividing them by the sources of their wealth. For example, analyzing consumption objectives is the main challenge for “old money” clients, for whom the present value of future income is typically small compared to the current level of accumulated wealth. Analyzing factors impacting income stream is more important for “new-money” affluent clients, who typically are entrepreneurs who still enjoy a substantial stream of revenues.

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Private Wealth Management APAC Summit 2011

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Marcus Evans Scam

Protecting New Businesses Online with Marcus Evans

The Marcus Evans company is focusing the fight against business scams and fraud prevention. The prevention team at Marcus Evans have compiled a list of websites which help in highlighting the increasing problem of scamming and fraud on the internet. This list of websites include conferences which could be of interest to those seeking guidance in this area of the online world. The Marcus Evans company itself though does not currently hold any conferences. However, it encourages other companies to organize events with the hope of educating people and scaling down the risk of online fraud and scams.

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The attendees at the conference in November 2008 on insurance fraud, obtained insights as well as updates on the FCPA. They were also updated on various anti-corruption initiatives as well as enforcement, particularly the UK Bribery Bill, passed by the FBI and the SFO.

The participants were able to identify the practical strategies for developing an effective anti-corruption compliance program from St. Jude Medical. The conference was also aimed at enabling its participants to overcome the challenges of conducting effective training from the Hitachi Data Systems. It aimed at helping its participants to develop robust internal controls for the third party due diligence from Hewlett Packard. The participants at the fifth annual anti-corruption conference of scam prevention were able to address and overcome the FCPA issues which stemmed from the acquisitions and mergers from General Electric. The participants were also able to determine how they should conduct internal investigations effectively from the Quest Corporate. Some of the prominent speakers at this conference were Charlie Monteith from the UK Serious Fraud Office, Frank Lopez from Qwest Corporate, John Digenan from Microsoft Corporation and David E Williams from Innospec Inc.

A recent scam investigation by Marcus Evans had found evidence of hundreds of scams and hoaxes online. For example, a person playing a hoax would send a scam email to several thousand email addresses in the hope that one person would at least respond. These investigations have helped the average internet user to be more aware about scams online. It has also helped them to gain more control in their fight against hoaxes and scams in general.

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