In the business news this week it was reported that Capital Markets got a welcome boost after borrowing by Europe’s banks has soared. As an area of important focus, marcus evans organises a range of business events geared towards this pivotal financial sector.

The marcus evans Capital Markets sector runs annual business events that focus on the key topics of Stress testing, Collateral Management, Credit risk transfer, OTC derivatives, Liquidity Management and Basel III.

In strengthening the resilience of the banking sector, Basel III regulations include tighter definitions of Tier I capital, the introduction of a leverage ratio, a framework for counter-cyclical capital buffers, measures to limit counterparty credit risk, and short and medium-term quantitative liquidity ratios.

Solvency II is another key area and refers to the updated set of regulatory requirements for insurance firms that operate in the European Union. It is scheduled to come into effect in 2012.

Collateral is an issue that has been flagged a lot since the crisis and the marcus evans Collateral Management conference that recently took place presented prestigious speakers who are experts in the field of Collateral Management.

On September 23-24, the marcus evans 13th Annual Clearing and Settlement conference takes place and will profile and investigate major changes in these European initiatives and understand what impact they have across the clearing and settlement industry.

This business event has broad appeal and should be attended by those in Clearing and Settlement, Dealing, Investment, Electronic Trading, Broking, Bonds and Fixed Income Trading, Equities Trading, Derivatives Trading, Product Development, Institutional Investors, Proprietary Trading, Back
Office, Retail, Risk Management, Payments, IT Systems, Stock Exchanges/ECNs/ATSs/MTFs.

At the end of October the marcus evans Sovereign Risk Management conference will take place. This business event looks at how banks can look to minimise their exposure to the recent Sovereign Debt issues.

The marcus evans Stress Testing conference occurs in November and with the results of the bank stress testing released in July last it is clearly an issue that will continue to dominate Capital Market news.

European banks are now borrowing at their fastest rate in almost six months and are set to continue exploiting a positive market mood in spite of longer-term funding concerns and worries about the economic health of weaker eurozone governments. How this impacts Capital Markets will be watched closely.